29 Novembro de 2016

PhD student presents research at the 20th Ecomondo, in Italy.

Environment and Development PhD student from Univates Anny Kariny Feitosa presented article “Household solid urban waste management and dispoal: case study in the city of Juazeiro do Norte - CE, in the Northeast of Brazil” at the 20 th Ecomondo – The Green Technologies Expo, Green & Circular – Southern Europe’s most comprehensive event in the area of green economy and circular economy.
Her case study analyses selective collection in Juazeiro do Norte and it aims to analyse the habits of the local population and the urban solid waste management in the city. In her article, Anny presents partial data of her PhD thesis that has been supervised by Professor Júlia Barden, PhD and co-supervised by Professor Odorico Konrad, PhD.
Fifty-three families of six different social classes (according to the classification provided by the Brazilian Association of Research Companies) were interviewed, and the results showed that most of the residues that were produced (41.7%) is organic, followed by plastic residues and paper (both account for 24,23% of the total amount of residues that were produced). The study also outlines the need for investment in campaigns that focus on all the social classes that were analysed in this study so as to raise awareness of the appropriate urban solid waste management.  
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Between the 8 th and the 11 th of November, the public sector, companies and the scientific community met in Rimini, Italy, to present researches and more advanced technology with sustainable solutions to properly manage and develop all types of residues. The event took place at Rimini Expo Center, with approximately 1200 big companies showing their products and processes, 103 thousand delegates from 85 countries and 130 conferences and workshops.
Author: Nicole Morás


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