Presentation Norms

1. The presentation will be through oral (virtual) presentation and slides.

2. Time for oral presentation: Students, regardless of category (research, extension or postgraduate), will have 15 (fifteen) minutes for presentation. The commission of appreciation will be formed by teachers. Presentation time will be monitored by the room inspector or mediator, and must be observed by the presenter. After 13 (thirteen) minutes of presentation, the supervisor / mediator will communicate (via chat) that two minutes to complete the presentation. After 15 (fifteen) minutes, communicates (via chat) that the time is up, and the presentation must be closed. Subsequently, the judging commission will make oral inquiries.

3. Only the enrolled student will be able to present his work, not being allowed to exchange or replacement of presenter and / or advisor in any of the phases of the registration process.

4. The scholarship presenter for scientific / technological initiation / innovation from Univates who Fapergs or CNPq external scholarship must be accompanied by their respective advisor or representative of the research group (via online).

5. The non-attendance of the presenter (initiation scholarship scientific / technological / innovation or extension of Univates), without justification, may cause the scholarship to be canceled.

6. If the presenter does not appear, there will be no refund of the amount of the registration or suspension of billing collection generated from registration.

7. The presenter who does not participate in the session will not be entitled to the event certificate, just as your summary will not be included in the proceedings of the event.

8. All presentations will take place via an online platform to be released. The distribution of presentations to be made will be available on the event website.

9. Problems arising from failures during the presentation will be analyzed by the Organizing Committee of the event.