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Voluntary internships

Foreign students may also choose volunteer internships in the institution. Those who are already enrolled in an undergraduate course at Univates, taking part in semester mobility, or those who have an interest in coming to Univates only for the practice may participate.

There are several opportunities in different areas. Students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the local community and can develop volunteer activities inside and outside campus.

Examples of volunteer internships are:

CURES - Regional University Clinic of Education and Health - interprofessional service-school.
The attendances to the people are realized by the students, with the supervision and guidance of the teachers and supervisors. The program includes welcoming, individual consultations, health promotion groups, workshops, actions by interprofessional teams, support matrix, among other actions. Students of the following courses participate in activities at CURES: Nursing, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Psychology, Physical Education - Bachelor, Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry and Pedagogy.
PI (Interdisciplinary Actions of Health Care in the neighborhood of Santo Antônio, Lajeado – RS)
Through the PI, weekly visits are made, from which interventions are performed aiming health care, according to the users' demands. Conversation wheels are also held with the team of students and teachers of the PI project and the Family Health Strategy (ESF) team in the neighborhood to discuss the demands and the proposed actions. Workshops are held with the partner entities, which aim to expand health education actions and also support the demands of each place. Students of the following courses participate in activities in the PI: Biomedicine, Biological Sciences, Physical Education, Aesthetics and Cosmetics, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Psychology, Law and Pedagogy.
TV Univates
The university TV channel linked to the University Center Univates is composed of professionals and students of the Social Communication area and has a diverse range of programs, exploring several areas of knowledge. In the programming grid, television journalism, sports, culture, gastronomy, entrepreneurship, fashion, among other subjects. Participating in TV Univates activities are students of the courses of Journalism, Advertising and Propaganda, Public Relations, among others.
Radio Univates FM
The station has the support of the University Center Univates. In addition to an eclectic and alternative musical program, it serves as a space for professional improvement and experimentation of students, mainly those from Social Communication area. Participating in TV Univates activities are students of the courses of Journalism, Advertising and Marketing, Public Relations, among others.
Nutrition Clinic
Trainees in the last semester of the Nutrition course provide care to users with the supervision of a nutritionist professor. The service will attend hypertensive, diabetic, cardiac, nephropathic, obese, with allergies and/or food intolerances and metabolic disorders, as well as developing food reeducation activities.
Sports Complex
Students of the Physical Education course can participate in voluntary activities in the various environments of the Sports Complex, under the supervision of a professional: Arena Gymnasium, Olympic Gymnastics, Pools, Gym and Olympic Stadium.
Communication and Marketing Department
For students interested in Communication and Marketing (Journalism, Advertising and Marketing, Design, Business Administration, Public Relations, etc.), it is possible to develop voluntary activities in the Communication and Marketing Department of the institution, under the supervision of a professional.