19 Julho de 2017

Univates participates in international congress of Mathematical Education

Until last Friday, the 14th, the VIII Ibero-American Congress of Mathematics Education (Cibem), was held at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. In the event, Univates was represented by the coordinator of the Graduate Program in Teaching of Exact Sciences (PPGECE), professor Marli Teresinha Quartieri, and by the pro-rector of Research, Extension and Post-Graduation, professor Maria Madalena Dullius.

The event, which takes place every four years in a different country of the Ibero-American network, seeks to promote and facilitate the exchange of experiences and the diffusion of innovation works in the area of ​​mathematics education.

Professors Marli and Maria Madalena presented, each, four scientific communications related to the research linked to PPGECE and the Postgraduate Program in Teaching (PPGEnsino) developed at Univates.



Text: Ana Amélia Ritt

Translation: Makeli Aldrovandi


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