19 Julho de 2017

Solidarity campaign softens low temperatures

This week, temperatures dropped in Rio Grande do Sul. In order to "warm hearts", Univates delivered last Friday, the 14th, and on Monday, the 17th, donations made in the solidarity campaign of this year. In total, 3,495 pieces of clothing, 565 pairs of shoes and 152 units of bed linen were donated by the academic community in May and June.

The delivery of the Warm a Heart donations was made in Lajeado, Venâncio Aires and Rio Pardo. According to the executive secretary of the Civil Defense of Venâncio Aires, Graziela Schonarth, the donations have come at a good time, as they are trying to make a food and clothing bank for the population when catastrophes occur, such as the September flood, which annually affects the city. "We want to thank Univates for this integration", adds Mayor Giovane Wickert, noting that the city has several students in the Institution.

Sandra Marçal, leader of the Social Assistance team of Rio Pardo, also thanked the donations and stressed the importance of a teaching institution to encourage such an action. "I was amazed that they delivered it here. That's really good! There are many people in need”, she says.


Text: Ana Amélia Ritt

Translation: Makeli Aldrovandi
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