10 Agosto de 2017

Univates welcomes new exchange students

August began with news for the 21 exchange students who started the semester at Univates. In addition to experiencing a new culture and a new country, the students have participated in integration events promoted by the International Relations Office (DRI) to learn more about the services of the institution. The exchange students also toured the campus and will participate in other activities during the next few days, such as barbecue and chimarrão workshops and city tour.

Among the new academics is the Spanish Bárbara Fernandez García, from the University of Vigo. "Univates’ facilities are very beautiful, I'm very happy", says the student. "Here I will take courses related to health, not specifically Physical Education, which is my major. That scared me a bit, but I'm sure I'll learn a lot", she says. Bárbara arrived in Brazil on July 11 and says she loved the gaucho barbecue, but the chimarrão did not please her. "I have to try it more times because they said it was hard to like it at first", she jokes.

 During the week, the exchange students will have other activities, such as a barbecue and chimarrão workshop, a trip to the Centro of Gaucho Traditions (CTG) and the beginning of Portuguese language classes. In this semester, the academics are from Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Portugal and Chile. In addition, Univates remains with two exchange students from 2017A and receives a Brazilian student who is studying Medicine in Bolivia.


Text: Ana Amélia Ritt

Translation: Makeli Aldrovandi

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