10 Agosto de 2017

Partnership with Portuguese teaching institution allows double diploma

The possibility of double diploma was one of the criteria that made Cristóvão José de Sousa Jerónimo Lagoa Moreira choose Brazil for his exchange. The student from Portugal clarifies that other reasons were the passion and curiosity for the country and the possibility of experiencing a different culture. Moreira will take a semester at Univates and says that he was already positively surprised by the classes and the structure of the Institution.

 "I already had an interest in taking an exchange in South America. At the end of last year, Prof. Eloni Salvi, from Univates, went to the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (IPLeiria), where I study, and spoke about the University. I was very interested and I looked for more information. I found out about this offer of double diploma and I had no doubts", he explains. The partnership between Univates and IPLeiria allows the student to study an additional semester in the other Institution and, if approved, to receive the diploma in Management and Financial Management, referring to the Portuguese and Brazilian universities, respectively.

 For the exchange student, this opportunity is a way to improve the curriculum. "This contributes to the insertion in the job market, because the student leaves his comfort zone, lives in another continent and shows that he is willing to new challenges", he justifies.

At Univates, Cristóvão is enrolled in five courses that are not in the curriculum of his major in Portugal and guarantees to be very satisfied with the classes. "There is a strong approximation with the professors and this is incredible. Besides, the Institution is beautiful, I did not imagine this structure", he says.


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 Just as Cristóvão is in the Institution for an additional semester of studies and to receive double diploma if he is approved in all the courses, the students of Univates also can face the possibility. For the Coordinator of Financial Management, Professor Gabriel Machado Braido, the experience is a great differential for the academics. "It is an opportunity that Univates offers through a partnership with IPLeiria. Having this differential in the curriculum will certainly open many doors in the market for these professionals", emphasizes the coordinator.


Text: Ana Amélia Ritt

Translation: Makeli Aldrovandi

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