22 Agosto de 2017

Josep Piqué lectures about ecosystems of innovation at Univates

The Taquari Valley Science and Technology Park (Tecnovates), linked to the University of Vale do Taquari - Univates, received on Wednesday 16th the president of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP), Josep Miquel Piqué, for the lecture "From Science and Technology Parks to innovation ecosystems - social and economic development in the knowledge society".

The Spanish addressed the relationship between technological parks, which form an ecosystem of innovation and aim to connect the most different actors who can work together in the development of new ideas and technologies, often responsible for connecting startups and companies already developed. "Many startups are born thinking about which companies they can be sold to, because they are sources of innovation for companies we call mature", he said.

Piqué explained that innovation takes place in four moments, the first being the challenge, which is the starting point to innovate. From this, the idea phase occurs, in which ways to solve the initial challenge and dynamics that prevail for information that can contribute to develop the insight are sought. Then a development phase is carried out, in which one opts for which solution will be developed with the purpose of solving the initial challenge, and, finally, the scalability phase is reached, when the solution gains industrial or commercial proportions.

Piqué also talked about open innovation, that is, innovations in open source and accessible to different organizations that can contribute to improve this innovation or to apply it in its processes. The IASP president also stated that the system is applicable to any company and also to public institutions, such as the city of Barcelona, ​​which had as its objective to be a transparent city in relation to public accounts and processes. "Transparency in Barcelona government was not a problem, but it was a desire of the mayor that the city were recognized as such. So it's up to the city to decide what it wants to be and then look for alternatives to innovate in order to achieve this goal", he explained.

Regarding technology parks, Piqué noted that it is up to them to respond to public problems and that universities are key players in innovation processes, forming the triple helix for innovation with the public sector and private companies.

This lecture was held in partnership with the Gaúcha Network of Incubators of Companies and Technology Parks (Reginp), with the Consortium of Gaucha Community Universities (Comung). More information can be obtained by calling (51) 3714-7000, ext. 5956.

Josep Miquel Piqué

Josep Miquel Piqué is a telecommunications engineer from La Salle and UPC and has an MBA from ESADE, Spain. He also holds degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of California-Berkeley, and the Ramon Llull University. He is president of La Salle Technova Barcelona, ​​of the International Association of Science Parks and Innovation Areas (IASP), of the Catalan Network of Science Parks (XPCAT) and vice-president of the Spanish Network of Parks Science (APTE).

Text: Nicole Morás

Translation: Makeli Aldrovandi

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