05 Dezembro de 2017

Univates again among the best in the Country

The Ministry of Education (MEC) has recently released data on the evaluation of higher education of 2016. Univates again obtained an excellent result, with all programs evaluated with grade 4 in the Preliminary Program Concept (CPC). The General Index of Programs Evaluated (IGC) of the University of Vale do Taquari also achieved grade 4, considered excellent by MEC (on a scale of 1 to 5). Only 18% of the country's institutions reach this index of excellence (grades 4 and 5), with the majority (66%) having a satisfactory concept (grade 3).

 For seven consecutive years Univates has maintained the concept of excellence. Since 2011, considering universities and private university centers, the Institution has been rated among the top three in RS in terms of undergraduate programs.

For the dean, Ney José Lazzari, the results reflect the dedication of the entire academic community. "We have one of the best infrastructures in the State, modern laboratories, pleasant living spaces. This gives support but does not guarantee quality. Our quality comes from the qualification and dedication of our professors and the ability and commitment of our students. Our thanks to this academic community that makes Univates one of the best universities in the country", emphasizes Lazzari.


Programs evaluated in this cycle:

Biomedicine - GRADE 4

Aesthetics and Cosmetics - GRADE 4

Pharmacy - GRADE 4

Nutrition - GRADE 4

Physiotherapy - GRADE 4

Physical Education, Bachelor's Degree - GRADE 4

Nursing - GRADE 4


Once again the program of Technology in Aesthetics and Cosmetics is ranked in the 1st place in Rio Grande do Sul. The evaluation was carried out in 2016, when Univates was still a University Center. If the evaluation took place today, as a university, the program of Aesthetics and Cosmetics of Univates would rank 3rd best in the country among all universities.

The Nutrition program was also evaluated in 1st place in RS and 3rd in the South region of Brazil. The Physical Education - Bachelor's Degree stands out among the three best in the State. The Nursing program is among the four best in Rio Grande do Sul.

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