15 Dezembro de 2017

Univates brings together exchange students of 2018A

In the first semester of 2018, 57 students from the University of Vale do Taquari - Univates will go on an exchange to 23 institutions from 13 countries. On Friday, 8, the International Relations Office (DRI) brought together these students and their families, and parents were informed of their role in the students' exchange. Furthermore, doubts were solved and the work team was presented at the Institution.

The vice-dean and president of Univates maintainer, Carlos Cândido da Silva Cyrne, opened the event welcoming those present. He pointed out that the exchange students represent the Taquari Valley in the world, just as they return bringing a little of the world to the region. "We appreciate the support of families who have often not had the opportunity to study abroad and support their children in this challenge", he said.

The Dean Ney José Lazzari addressed the investment made by the Institution for the actions of international mobility and internationalization. "There is a financial cost, but there is a greater gain when we have people with a differentiated training that will then move around in the classrooms, qualifying our university", he said. Lazzari also pointed out that there are about 60 institutions that maintain agreements with Univates and all operate in reciprocity. On the relationship with the families, the dean said that it is normal to have anxieties about the children’s leaving, but he stressed the opportunity for new ties to be formed.

Univates Director of International Relations Viviane Bischoff highlighted that the holding of the meeting demonstrates the seriousness that Univates gives to its internationalization process, both in sending students abroad and in receiving foreigners. "Not all of our students have the opportunity that you have to study in a foreign institution, but the contact they will have with you on the return of the exchange and also with international students and professors participating in activities in the Institution allows all students to participate in our internationalization process in some way", she said.

Viviane emphasized the importance of students' academic achievement and the legacy they leave so that cooperation agreements are maintained or renewed and other students may also have the opportunity. The director left the DRI available to family members in case there are any doubts. "We know there is a period of adaptation. In 11 years of work here I can say that there was not a student who said that he should not have gone. On the contrary, they always ask when they can go again, if they can stay longer", she said, explaining that the adjustment period can reach 30 days and the support of the family is also important in this period.

Students will board as of this month for Germany, Argentina, Austria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Finland, Macau, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland.

Further information can be obtained from DRI by email at or by telephone at 51 3714-7000, ext. 5309.

From international buddy to exchange student

Academic of Nutrition, Eveline Moesch says that she always had "the will to get out of her parents protection". She chose to study at Univates and was encouraged by a cousin who works with student mobility to live that dream through an exchange, and this is how she signed up to be an international buddy of foreign students studying at Univates. "With them I had a more intense contact with this experience and I saw that it is more than incredible. I felt a growing desire, but I had to work. I tried a scholarship from Santander and I was not approved at first. This year I tried again and felt more prepared not just for the process but also for living abroad. I was approved and, among the options, I chose Spain, "she explained.

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