22 Fevereiro de 2018

In one year, more than 100 law students and professors had international ex


With 18 years of existence, Univates Law School, only in the past year, provided international experience for approximately 100 students and professors. From different semesters, the academics went through experiences that involved, besides the academic exchange of six months, courses in Institutions partners of the university, and competitions in the area of ​​ Law.

According to the assistant coordinator of the Law Program, Professor Júnior Willig, internationalization has been gaining prominence in Higher Education and is an Institutional motto.

“For the Law Program, internationalization has been mobilizing students and professors to seek new experiences beyond our borders. Opening horizons and new opportunities, our colleagues - students and professors - are gaining their own spaces and earning recognition in the international scene”, assistant coordinator of the Law Program, Júnior Willig.

In October, 34 students participated in the UBA Spring Program, which combines classes and visits to important institutions in the area.

With the support of the International Relations Office (DRI), the program carried out an internationalization project for twelve months, which will be renewed for the next years. During this period, about 100 students and professors went to another country or received exchange students. The programs involved visits from foreign professors, such as Portuguese, Spanish and Argentinian professors; events in the area of ​​law, such as the annual meeting in Seville, Spain; international competitions, such as that at the National University of Cuyo (UNCuyo); academic exchange and some academics took a course in another country.

The students Andrea Haetinger dos Santos and Aline Becker Delwing represented the Law Program at UNCuyo.



Professors and students were, in December, 11th, at the IX Encuentro Hispano Brasileiro de Filosofía in Derecho y Derechos Humanos at the University of Seville, Spain. Among the participants of the event was one of the great references of Constitutional Law and Human Rights, Professor Antonio Enrique Pérez Luño, who is also Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of Seville.

The event ended on December, 13th. The three students in the group had the support of the Academic Directory of the program, which held an internal participation announcement. They presented a communication on December, 12th.

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