26 Fevereiro de 2018

Ten new nationalities around the campus

The morning of Thursday, the 15th, marked the reception of 23 new exchange students at Univates. This semester students come from ten different countries: Argentina, Colombia, Switzerland, Portugal, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay and Peru. The novelty lies in the last two countries, which for the first time are part of the academic context of the University.

From the city of Lima, Raul Altamirano came with the seal of being the first Peruvian to exchange at Univates. Student of Architecture, he says that he had three options of universities in Brazil. "Univates' campus and infrastructure influenced me when it came to choosing. This is all an architect needs to be inspired. This Cultural Center is incredible", said the student.

In spite of being Peruvian, Altamirano showed to have a mastery of Portuguese. According to him, this is the third time he has come to Brazil. "I've always liked Brazilians very much and now it's time to learn from them. The reality in which you live inspires the way you will design your projects. Each country has its reality and experiencing these cultural differences is enriching", he concludes.

Carolina Acosta, of the Corporación Universitaria Americana, Medellín, considers herself the mother of the group. This is because she experiences the exchange for the second time. "I say I'm coming home. I was here last semester and decided to come back. Now I have the responsibility to help those who have come for the first time, especially when the cold period begins, and it is very cold here", jokes the academic of Administration. Asked why she returned to Univates, Carolina says that the first six months were not enough to take advantage of all the opportunities offered at the University.

"I want to get closer to Tecnovates, to know better the researches that are done here, to enjoy more the library and, of course, to have an even better Gaucho accent" she says.

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