09 Abril de 2019

Canadian professor and musician visits Univates during her sabbatical leave

Dedicated to music, in particular to choral singing, Canadian professor Joy Berg, of Concordia University of Edmonton, performs part of her sabbatical leave at the University of Vale do Taquari - Univates, giving three workshops. The first was held on the afternoon of Thursday, the 7th.
“I work with the direction of choirs, especially with Canadian church music, and I will bring my experience to the activities. I always think a lot about singing and voice. I believe this is our best tool”, Joy Berg. Currently in the fifth week of her sabbatical leave for improvement, Joy has been to France, Spain and New York. She said that being in Brazil is an opportunity to get to know the country's music better. "When I came here in 2014 I discovered several rhythms, which are beautiful and unique to Brazilian culture. It seems that everyone here makes music, it is part of the national culture. Now I can get to know the music to take a bit of Brazil to Canada, as it has been everywhere I've been”, she revealed.
In the first visit to Univates in April 2014 (picture), Joy accompanied the Concordia University of Edmonton Concert Choir for a performance in the auditorium of Building 7 of Univates. At that time the Cultural Center was about to be inaugurated. "I'm very excited to have been here at the time and to return to this space and see how it turned out", she said. Joy also recalled that the Concordia University of Edmonton Concert Choir was the first to step on the stage of the Univates Theater. "We came just to know it, but the group got so excited about the space that we made a brief number there", she recalled.
The sopranos Alceli Brasil and Elci Horn Vogt, who participate in the choir of the Cultural Nucleus of Estrela, were among the participants in the first group of workshops given by Joy Berg. For them, the activity is an opportunity to develop vocal skills. For Alceli the music has been in her blood since his grandfather had an accordion factory. Today, participating in the choir is an opportunity to interact with other groups. "On the 16th we will be in Teutonia, when several choirs will be welcomed by the group there. In August it will be our turn to receive the other choirs", she said.
The workshop continued on Thursday and Friday evening. 
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