17 Abril de 2019

Graduate from Univates PPGEnsino wins education award

"By working with children, I began to realize the potential of the questions they asked and I envisioned some possibilities for them to move the school curriculum." This was the phenomenon that the teacher of the municipal teaching network of Lajeado and Arroio do Meio Mateus Lorenzon observed in his students. From this subject, the graduate of the Pedagogy Program and Post Graduation in Teaching (PGEnsino) of Univates developed a project that would later compete and win the prize of the program PENSE.
Mateus’ project, "Making possible the development of scientific literacy in the school environment", analyzed how the involvement in a teaching proposal based on research promoted the development of scientific literacy in children of the 3rd year of Elementary School. "I started thinking about a work proposal that I named in my master thesis as Investigative Spiral. In it, the children elaborated questions, formulated hypotheses, constructed arguments through the search for information and experimental activities and, finally, communicated their results", he reports.
During the development of the project, Mateus was conducting his Master's thesis of the Postgraduate Program in Teaching (PPGEnsino) of Univates, which helped him with some ideas taken to the classroom. During the academic year of 2017 the graduate applied this proposal and documented the classes. "The pedagogical results that I obtained made me realize that this proposal of work was potentially significant and created, in the classroom, an environment conducive to the development of children's curiosity. Last year and this year I tried, in several aspects, to improve this proposal", he points out.
The Master’s Degree in Teaching, according to Lorenzon, was a key moment for his training as a teacher, as he was able to reflect critically on the teaching proposals he developed at school. Guided by professor Jacqueline Silva da Silva, Mateus developed his thesis. The graduate also considers the importance of continuing the studies.
“During this period, I was able to reconcile theoretical studies with my professional experience in the classroom. I learned to 'see' and reflect with my practice, being able to perceive the potentiality of listening to children and contemplating their whys in the school curriculum”, Mateus Lorenzon. 
About the awards received in the program PENSE, Mateus explains that it is the recognition of the work of an entire educational community. "In order to develop the project and carry out the research proposal, it was necessary to involve the management of the school, the families of the children, the employees of the educational institution and also those who volunteered to help", he says. The master further assures that the prize should not be considered as a point of arrival, but as a great achievement and a stimulus to continue his research. As part of the award, Mateus will go on an exchange to the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria in Portugal, and hopes that this will be an opportunity to improve his professional experience.
More information about PPGEnsino can be obtained by e-mail or by telephone (51) 3714-7058.
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