25 Abril de 2019

We need to talk about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Univates Clinical Center has developed actions for Blue April, the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Awareness Month. The intention of the team is to reach not only those who live with autistic people, but also the whole community that has an interest in understanding the subject.
The activities of this month were organized by the Regional University Clinic of Education and Health (Cures), coordinated by Professor Luciana Carvalho Fernandes, and by the Specialized Psychology Service (SEP), coordinated by Denise Fabiane Polonio. "The most immediate idea is that we have a month dedicated to talking about ASD, giving visibility and demystifying some questions about this disorder that affects a significant part of the population," explains Luciana.
To bring the wider community closer to this subject, the main action will take place on April 26. The neuropediatrician Josemar Marchezan, the psychologist Bernardete Pretto and psychologists from the Association of Parents and Friends of the Exceptional (APAE) Evelize de Oliveira and Mônica Baldasso Araújo will be in the auditorium of Building 16 of Univates, from 8am, to talk to students, teachers and other interested parties. Details of this moment can be checked by clicking here. In addition, Denise explains that virtual folders will be sent by e-mail to students and professionals connected to the Clinical Center, and explanatory posters will be fixed in all the services of the Center. "We will achieve a greater scope with this information, since the services are used by the community," she says.
Regarding the importance of talking about the subject, Luciana points out that "we often see the limitations that the pathology brings, but in the Clinical Center we work much more with the issue of the integrality of the subject. They are not 'autistic', they are people, in the first place, who have a disorder". For this reason, Denise stresses that it is necessary to work in a network that promotes articulations between Apae professionals, health services and education, in which one seeks to accommodate both the demands of the subject with autism and the demands of their family.
Understand more about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
According to data collected by Cures and SEP teams, Autism Spectrum Disorder is characterized as a developmental pathology. Difficulty in establishing dialogue, getting emotionally involved with people, pronouncing words, understanding relationships, and performing spontaneous tasks are common traits in people with the disorder.
The ASD manifests itself in childhood and tends to persist in adolescence and through adulthood. In most cases, conditions are perceived during the first five years of life. The manifestations may vary according to the severity of the condition, level of development and age, so the term spectrum is used.
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