13 Junho de 2019

Representatives from Concordia University of Edmonton visit Univates

On Thursday, the 25th, two representatives from Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE), Canada, visited the University of Vale do Taquari - Univates. The president of the institution, Dr. Tim Loreman, and the manager of the Center for Innovation and Applied Research, Dr. Isha Katyal, were received by the Rectory, the team of the Univates Science and Technology Park (Tecnovates), by professors responsible for research and extension projects and by the International Relations Office (DRI). During the day, the visitors got to know the structure of Univates and met with professionals from the Institution to discuss possibilities in the areas of research and extension.
The president of the Canadian institution commented that the focus of the largest universities in the city of Edmonton is to conduct purely theoretical research, but the differential of CUE is applied research, with the goal of promoting an innovative ecosystem and relations with the government and the community. To exchange ideas about this branch, Loreman participated in moments of conversation with the coordinators of the research and extension projects of Univates.
Also during this semester, CUE will inaugurate the Center for Innovation and Applied Research (CIAR), that is the reason why it showed interest in visiting some technology parks in partner universities of Rio Grande do Sul. Isha accompanied the coordinating team of Tecnovates and the Technological Incubator Univates (Inovates ) to know the working model of the Park and to verify possibilities of cooperation between Tecnovates and CIAR. "What we are looking for here is to understand how the engagement model among university, community and industry works, as well as learning about the incubation and pre-incubation processes", explained the doctor.
Learn more about the relationship between CUE and Univates
The partnership between the two universities began in 2012, the same year that Manfred Zeuch, now pro-rector for foreign affairs and international relations at CUE, visited Univates. Since then, 18 students of Univates have already gone on exchanges to CUE and 12 CUE students have visited Univates for short-term studies. The purpose of the exchanges and visits of representatives is to strengthen the cooperation between the institutions.
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