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25 Julho de 2019

Univates Student in Exchange Participates in Technology Event in Mexico

The student of the Civil Engineering program of Univates Lucas Di Domenico, from Guaporé, participated in one of the main technological events in Mexico, the Talent Land 2019, which took place in Guadalajara from April 22 to 26. In this semester, Lucas is in academic exchange by Univates at the Universidad Autónoma of Chihuahua, Mexico, through the scholarship program of Santander Universities. The opportunity to attend the event came from the Mexican university.
Focused on the areas of technology and entrepreneurship, the Talent Land offers participants nearly 24 hours of activities and lectures. According to Lucas, the event stimulates innovative entrepreneurship.
“In the area of ​​technology, the focuses were mainly artificial intelligence, digital wallets (Blockchain) and crypto-coins. In the entrepreneurial area, several speakers told their life story, from failure to success”, Lucas Di Domenico.
For the student, so far this has been one of the best activities of which he had the opportunity to participate in the exchange. "Talend Land has given me a broad vision of the current technological and entrepreneurial reality, as well as the life lessons that have been passed in the lectures of influential and successful people like Daniel Gomez Iñiguez, Fric Martínez, JulioProfe and Oscar García," he says.
According to Univates International Relations director, Viviane Bischoff, attending events related to studies and career is one of the opportunities when going on an academic exchange.
“The student, in addition to already being in contact with the international academic community during the day to day of the classes, enters a different environment when it participates in events like this one. The encounter of the academy with cutting-edge discussions in the student’s area complements the exchange experience, creating a new network of contacts that challenges the student in his daily life”, Viviane Bischoff, Director of International Relations
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