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12 Agosto de 2019

50 years of impact on the community

One of the pillars that symbolize the work of the University of Vale do Taquari - Univates over the last 50 years, since the beginning of higher education activities in the region, is the impact of institutional initiatives on the community, as is the case of Mrs. Iolanda.
A resident of Lajeado, she is attended at home by students who participate in the project Interdisciplinary Health Care Actions in the Santo Antônio Neighborhood - Lajeado / RS, such as Lucian Ravazio.
 “Univates has changed the lives of all High Region of Taquari Valley, is very present in the community. Everyone is proud of Univates, which has helped me a lot, it is very good”, Mrs. Iolanda. 
For Ravazio, “Univates is the community, and the community is Univates. It happens every time I go to Mrs. Iolanda's house”. 
Throughout this year of commemoration of the 50th anniversary of higher education in the Taquari Valley, in addition to the impact on the community, Univates presents its performance based on three other pillars: education, regional development and innovation.
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