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23 Agosto de 2019

Univates students leave for exchange next semester

With a trip scheduled and a lot of anticipation, 31 students from the University of Vale do Taquari - Univates are already preparing for an unforgettable experience in the second semester of 2019. Students, from different programs, will go on international academic exchanges, provided by the University. Ten different countries are part of the chosen destinations: Germany, Argentina, Austria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Finland, Portugal and Czech Republic.
One of the students is Alan Lampert Nieland (24). He will leave for Austria, where he obtained through a partnership between Univates and FH Vorarlberg, an Austrian government scholarship to study at the institution. Alan says that since joining the University, he has wanted to go on an exchange. This is his second opportunity to study in Europe and he intends to make the most of all the knowledge available there. “In the first opportunity I had to go on an exchange four years ago, I tried to understand more about the language, the culture. Now I want to make the most of the academic part. I believe I will be able to enjoy all classes and other opportunities that appear there”, he explains.
According to him, when the opportunity of the scholarship arose, he did not believe much in the possibility of winning the vacancy, but even so he signed up and is very happy to be able to achieve one more of his dreams. “Initially, when I received the opportunity of an exchange with a scholarship, I thought about not signing up, because I thought there would be thousands of candidates and a lot of competition, but I decided to give it a try. When I received the confirmation email, I was very happy”, he comments.
Another student leaving for Europe is Alessandra Westenhofen (24), from the Architecture and Urbanism program. The future architect will be in an academic immersion at Universidad LaSalle Barcelona, ​​located in Spain. She comments on the opportunities Univates offers students and the happiness in achieving her dream. “I have always been curious about how architecture is taught in other countries. Learning to design in a city that is a reference in the area is a priceless experience. Univates, through the International Relations Office, helped me a lot with the exchange. This help the institution offers us is essential”.
Univates promoted meeting with parents of exchange students
On Tuesday, July 16th, Univates International Relations Office (DRI) held a meeting to clarify possible doubts and to talk to family members about the exchange. According to office director, Viviane Bischoff, “The institution knows how enriching the experience of an exchange is and how very large the family involvement is as well. Being able to hold this meeting with our students' parents is critical for everyone to have a great experience”. 
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