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07 Outubro de 2019

TV Univates wins photo and short video contest

TV Univates took second place in the “China in my lens 2019” photo and short video contest, sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Brazil and the China Media Group. The award-winning material featured a compilation of images from the “Logbook” series, produced by TV Univates editor-in-chief and professor of the Communication Program, Marcus Staudt, in August 2018. The competition, open to all, is part of the 70th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the 45 years of diplomatic relations between China and Brazil, and it received about 150 submissions from around the country.
The “Logbook” series has 12 episodes of about five minutes each. “The video I submitted for the contest is 15 seconds long due to the rules. I selected images from places I have been to, such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and even scenes from a traditional Chinese wedding that I was able to record in Yantai City”, says Staudt. The recipient of the first place was Ig Uractan, from UnBTV, Brasilia's university channel.
For the editor-in-chief of TV Univates, the fact that two university broadcasters are awarded an open competition reveals the excellence of TV productions in this segment throughout Brazil and shows the quality of the country's Communication Programs. The coordinator of TV Univates, Sandro Luís Kirst, emphasizes the importance of integrating university TVs through entities such as the Brazilian Association of University TVs (ABTU) and Rede Prosa (group of TVs and radios of communitarian universities in Rio Grande do Sul).
“The award means appreciation and recognition for both TV Univates and Univates itself, and also for our editor, the journalist Marcus Staudt. Univates, in its role as a catalyst for regional development, has been able to use university TV as an instrument of this process and has provided excellent conditions for students in the area of ​​Communication and TV professionals”, says Kirst. For him, the award recognizes and values ​​what has been produced, as well as the constant search for good content and local, national and international partnerships.
“Logbook” among the best university television productions in Latin America
Later this year, TV Univates was among the finalists in the Micro Periodical-Documentary category of the 7th Nuevas Miradas en la Televisión Award.
The contest is organized by the National University of Quilmes, Argentina, and awards the best Latin American university productions. In addition to Brazil, countries like Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia were also in the final.
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