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Univates is a higher education institution concerned with global affairs and the latest developments in modern society, at the same time devoted to its community. Be it from a local or global perspective, we aim to provide our students with high quality education, stimulate research and spread knowledge throughout society.

…transforming the environment hand in hand with its community

We firmly believe education is the pathway to change society and improve our environment and the quality of life. Learning is an ongoing journey, and we hope both academic and non-academic community may benefit from the experience of a stimulating environment, where the flow of ideas and innovation are the basis for personal and collective fulfilment as well as a means to bring practical results to our daily lives.


Modern facilities…

In order to provide its academic community with a comfortable and convenient environment, we pay special attention to our physical structure, expanding and improving the premises. Our educational, research, cultural and sport facilities feature modern architecture and equipment. Both inside and outside, the balance between attractiveness and functionality is present throughout the campus.

…in a pleasant atmosphere

“Located in the heart of a calm neighbourhood and integrated to its surroundings, the campus boasts calm and green areas, including a small lake. Broad streets and a cycle path connect it to the city centre, just three kilometres away.”



Just in the transition area between the Pampas, the breathtaking steppes of South America, and the nationally celebrated Serra Gaúcha, our temperate and hilly highlands, Lajeado and the Taquari Valley are located in a zone privileged by both nature and culture.

Mapa da Univates
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Not far from Porto Alegre and a couple of hours away from the Atlantic Ocean, it is proud of its dynamic economy and hospitable people. A meeting point for different customs and traditions that will certainly inspire you with its rich, multiethnic culture. Come and #explore us!


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