The 11th Delta Conference will take place in Brazil for the first time ever, and only the second time in South America! Delta conferences began in 1997 with a conference in Brisbane, Australia, and are held every two years. The conferences have been held in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and one in Argentina in 2007. The Brazil Delta Conference on the teaching and learning of undergraduate mathematics and statistics will take place in Gramado, a “German” town in Southern Brazil. The area is full of trails for walking, waterfalls and has the warm and welcoming feeling that every small town has.

Brazil has large communities of Mathematicians, Applied Mathematicians, Statisticians and Mathematics Educators. The Mathematics Education Society has a special interest group devoted to undergraduate mathematics. Coming to this conference you will have a chance to learn about the Brazilian community and experience new features of the Delta network. We are expecting this to be the largest Delta conference ever, both in terms of the scientific programme and social events. Welcome to Brazil Delta ‘17.

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Please be aware of the following important dates:

14 May 2017: Final date for submission for full refereed papers in the special edition of iJMEST.

20 September 2017 Final date for submission of full papers for the Conference Proceedings.

20 September 2017 Final date for submission of abstracts for posters and for abstract-only presentations.