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Title: Avaliação da estabilidade físico-química de protetores solares manipulados
Authors: Matias, Intiane Oliveira da Silva
Keywords: Sunscreen;Manipulation;Stability
Date of Defense: 27-Jun-2016
Issue Date: Jan-2017
Citation: MATIAS, Intiane Oliveira da Silva. Avaliação da estabilidade físico-química de protetores solares manipulados. 2016. Artigo (Graduação) – Curso de Farmácia, Universidade do Vale do Taquari - Univates, Lajeado, 27 jun. 2016. Disponível em:
Abstract: Damages due by ultraviolet radiation are cumulative and can be irreversible, which do the population raise the use of sunscreens. These formulations are developed by industry and masterful sector. There is a specific legislation for manipulated products which does not require stability tests, even though they are very important. Regarding the quality control of the finished product is required carrying out a few tests. The aim of this article was to evaluate during 90 days, the physicochemical stability of four manipulated sunscreens through an accelerated stability study. Through evaluation tests of organoleptic characteristics, centrifugation, hydrogenionic potential, density, viscosity and spreading properties, it has been verified that sample A is the most appropriate sunscreen; samples B and C obtained a pH valued as compatible with the skin and, therefore, its use is not indicated; and the sample D demonstrated not to be stable when exposed to high temperature. Based on the develop study, it is concluded that the magisterial preparations are susceptible to physical and chemical changes due to storage conditions. For this reason, stability studies are considered a security parameter.
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