Submission Norms

1. In order to perform the submission of papers, first the registration must be made on the website and the option Submission of Papers checked. The submission of abstracts and full papers must be done exclusively by the Univates Registration System, by the author / presenter, following all its stages. Submission can only take place after registration and payment of the corresponding fee. Univates students are exempt from payment.

2. Each participant of the event can submit only one work as the first author, which can be written and presented in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

3. Papers approved by the scientific committee will be published on the event website. 4. The exchange or replacement of the presenter will not be allowed.

5. The approved abstracts will be published in the annals of the event (digital medium). The text must be formatted respecting the following guidelines:
a) abstract with a minimum of 2,200 and a maximum of 3,500 characters, with space, accompanied by three to five keywords, separated by a period and each word beginning with a capital letter;
b) title;
c) area of knowledge;
d) citations (in the body of the text or in block), if they are expressed, they must be followed by reference (according to ABNT rules);
e) final references must follow the ABNT rules (if mentioned in the abstract);
f) the spelling and grammatical correction is the responsibility of each author.

6. The mandatory fields are the same as in the annals of the event, and the registrant is responsible for making the necessary corrections. Abbreviated words will be kept as shown. Ex.: João C. da Silva.

7. The differentiation of upper and lower case letters is the sole responsibility of the author.

8. If the author does not want their abstract to be published in Annals, the option “Do not publish in the Annals of the Event” should be selected when submitting the abstract. After submission, requests for exclusion of abstracts in the Annals will not be accepted.

9. Examples of abstracts can be found at

10. The template for submitting work is available here.