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Concentration Areas and Research Areas

Concentration Areas:

Name: Agrifood Biotechnology
Description: It aims to develop research projects and apply them in solving problems related to primary and industrial production of food, focusing on the training of human resources capable of promoting the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge in the area of foods.

Research Areas:

Name: Biotecnologia na Produção Primária de Alimentos
Description: The studies in this research area seek to understand the application of Biotechnology as a tool to improve the management of agricultural quality and productivity processes using different techniques, such as: micropropagation of plants through in and ex vitro cultivation, biofortification of food from plant origin, obtention of plants tolerant to abiotic stresses, bioecology of agroecosystems and biological control in its different applications, chemical control with plant extracts or their fractions, and molecular markers of production and reproduction in animals of economic importance.

Name: Biotechnology in Industrial Food Production
Description: The studies in this research area seek to understand the production, extraction, purification, characterization, and evaluation of biochemical and nutritional parameters of biomolecules, as well as their application in food production, aiming at quality control, the development of new value-added products, the use of agro-industrial residues and the preparation of functional foods, with knowledge of the feasibility from the point of view of management.

Concentration Areas:

Name: Biotechnology in Health
Description: Research in the field of Biotechnology in Health involves studies on physiological and pathological processes, seeking to expand knowledge about human and animal diseases, and the development of technologies to aid diagnosis and treatment.

Research Area:

Name: Detection and Characterization of Microorganisms
Description: Investigate and improve the detection and characterization of microorganisms and etiologic agents by means of molecular techniques, in order to develop and improve biotechnological products and processes.

Name: Molecular Aspects in Pathophysiological Processes
Description: Investigate and elucidate the molecular, cellular, and functional mechanisms linked to physiological and pathological processes using experimental models and/or molecular tools, aiming at the promotion of health.

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