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Área de Concentração e Linhas de Pesquisa

Concentration areas and Research Areas

Name: Space, Environment e Society
Description:The program of studies assesses the interaction of man with the environment, considering it an integral part of ecosystems. The environmental issue is approached in an ecocentric and interdisciplinary way, through the three research areas that comprise it. Basic aspects of environmental sciences are addressed, which assess the interaction between man and nature, occupation of the environment, development models, space planning, environmental analysis and technologies, the construction of knowledge and education for sustainability. In this way, the theoretical-predictive characteristics of ecosystems and the elements applied are evaluated in order to propose conservation actions in a dynamic and integrated way.

Research Areas

Name: Technology and Environment
Description: Development and use of technologies and methodologies applied to the environment. It works with waste management systems, search of ecologically compatible energy and technological solutions, environmental toxicology and natural products.

Name: Space and Socio-Environmental Problems
Description: It studies interactions between society and nature, human occupations, implications between development, productive and social organizations, public policies, health and the environment. Sustainability and cultural practices. Citizenship, communication and environmental education.

Name: Ecology
Description: Aspects of the theory and practice of human interaction with ecosystems; conservation biology; genesis and evolution of terrestrial biomes; landscape ecology; clean production practices; and strategies for the management of natural populations and in agricultural systems.
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