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Clínica-Escola de Fisioterapia

Located next to Univates Sport Centre, Clinica Escola de Fisioterapia (Univates Physiotherapy Clinic) was launched in the second half of 2007. Currently, the clinic provides adults and children from Lajeado and from surrounding towns with trauma, orthopaedics and neurological services.

In an area of 750 m², Clinica Escola de Fisioterapia has excellent infrastructure, with 3 clinics for physiotherapy evaluation and examination, a room for kinesiotherapy, a room for Early Intervention, 13 rooms for individual assistance, lifts and therapy-pools adapted for physically impaired people.

The services are provided by senior undergraduates of physiotherapy on a supervised internship.  Clínica-Escola de Fisioterapia has been working in collaboration with the National Health System (SUS) to provide free services to the population since 2010.

Besides physiotherapy services, Clinica-Escola de Fisioterapia allows students in their first semesters to volunteer for workshops on how to treat patients undergoing trauma, orthopaedics and neurological treatments.

For more information:
Phone: 3714 7000 extension 5843