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Projeto Compostagem

Univates began in 2010, Projeto Compostagem, a mini-courtyard where solid waste, branches, buds and roots, coffee and yerba mate grounds – the latter are collected from dedicated recycling bins around campus – are recycled and used as fertiliser.

In spring and summer, the coffee grounds are used as fertiliser in the gardens as natural bug repellents.

As the amount of fertiliser produced is not significant, the space required to store the residues is relatively small, so the material to be decomposed is wrapped in canvas and used for humidity control.

The project is part of Univates Waste Management Plan, which began in February 2002 for the purpose of raising the concern over waste management and recycling among students and employees. It currently accounts for various environmental management procedures at Univates. Waste management and proper use of natural resources are directed to raise awareness of the current environmental situation and make students and employees notice that a sustainable environment may only be achieved through everyone’s effort.