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Interdisciplinary projects on health care in santo antonio, lajeado-rs


Establish interdisciplinary collaborations emphasising health care in Santo Antonio (a neighbourhood in Lajeado-RS) that may contribute to the learning process of students at Univates.


Home visit to people who benefit from the project; Students receive tutorial assistance from their professors; Discussions and conversations among academics and professors on the Family Health Strategy; Workshops in collaboration with local companies with which Univates has partnerships. Scientific events.


Students of Health Sciences and others.


Profª Marilucia Vieira dos Santos


Fellows/Research Fellowship Holders
Andressa Vian Federissi – Physiotherapy
Regina Pereira Jungles - Psychology
Professor André Luiz Lopes (PhD) – Physical Education
Professor Daniel Granada (PhD) - Social Sciences
Professor Fernanda Callefe Moreira – Physiotherapy
Professor Fernanda Rocha da Trindade (MA) - Biomedicine 
Professor Luciana Barcellos Fossi – Psychology
Professor Luis César de Castro (PhD) - Pharmacy 
Professor Marilúcia Vieira dos Santos (MA) - Physiotherapy 
Professor Paula Lohmann (MA) - Nursing
Professor Patrícia Fassina (MA) – Nutrition