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Projeto Carona

Univates Launched in 2009, Projeto Carona, a search engine that allows users find users on a database heading for Univates from the same or from a nearby area get in touch and exchange lifts (www.univates.br/carona). Univates is a pioneer in this type of system and is one of the first universities in Rio Grande do Sul.

On the website, it is possible to register lifts (if you wish to come in your own vehicle), search for lifts (arrange a lift with someone who has a car) and even filter your search, in case you do not find what you are looking for. Some people might be reluctant to give to or get a lift from an unknown user, so only students regularly registered at Univates, teachers and staff can get access to this service. Users may choose to use their e-mail or phone number for contact.

Projeto Carona was awarded Prêmio Ouro in the category Mídia Digital in a competition named Destaque em Comunicação, carried out by Sindicato dos Estabelecimentos do Ensino Privado no Estado do Rio Grande do Sul (SINEPE/RS).

Just to give you an idea, if someone stop using their car to commute 6 Km from home to work for one, 480 Kg of carbon dioxide will no longer be emitted into the atmosphere. CO2 is a major cause of the Greenhouse Effect.

Find out more: www.univates.br/carona