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Green IT Program : Responsibility not Disposal of Material

In 2011, Univates recycled 358Kg of structured cabling that had been replaced with modern ones. This has prevented 192,5 Kg of material contaminated with heavy metals from being dumped in landfill sites, besides reducing the extraction of 36,6 tons of copper ore and the electricity consumption of 3.681 kWh – enough to supply electrical power for 25 homes for one month.

The data result from the participation of Univates Information Technology Centre in Green IT since 2010. It is a sustainable solution which aims to come up with more effective ways to manage structured cabling residues.

The programme consists in exchanging electrical leftover (regardless of the manufacturer) for new Furukawa materials. Raw materials are recycled and thus reused by other companies, considerably reducing the use of natural resources and greenhouse gas emission. The entire process is performed by specialised and duly homologated companies.

Leftovers are on the whole sent for recycling at the beginning of each year, depending on the total amount stored. This shows Univates concern over natural resources and its active role in environmental protection.