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Call for papers


Call for papers

Who can submit papers:
Doctors, PhD students, Masters, Master students, specialists, undergraduates and market professionals.

IMPORTANT: The researcher who is selected to present their work in the Research Groups (GPs) commits to participating in all GP sessions, not only the one in which their work is included. The presence of the researcher in every day of work presentations in the groups is mandatory.

Where to present the papers:
Research Groups

  • Strategies for building and consolidating a brand;
  • Brand transparency and reputation;
  • Brand protection and evaluation;
  • Branding trends;
  • Ethics and sustainability;
  • Brands and businesses;
  • Brand discourse and ideology;
  • Methodologies for brand research and management;
  • Brand internationalization;
  • Overview of brands - the evolution of brands in a historical perspective;
  • Critical scenarios.

General rules for the submission of papers

1. Originality - the work must be original (unpublished).

2. Submission of Papers (Phase 1) - the extended abstract must (1) be typed in Portuguese, English, Spanish or French and submitted by the Submission System - Extended Abstract Submission https://www.univates.br/sistemas/inscricoes/processo-3263 (2) within the deadline (see important dates).

3. Number of articles allowed - each registered author may submit two articles. The author may also be co-author of other articles as long as they are submitted by the inscription of another co-author(s).

4. Research Group - each paper may only be proposed to one Research Group of the 5th International Congress on Brand(ing). For this reason, it is important for the author to define precisely which group their research falls into. If sent to more than one Research Group, the work may be excluded from the Congress. For questions about the event or Research Group to which you want to submit the paper, please contact the Research Groups or the Organizing Committee at e-mail brandingcongress@gmail.com.

5. Submission of full article (Phase 2) - after receiving the ACCEPT of the expanded abstract, the author(s) should submit the full article according to the standard template, in .PDF and Word format, within the stipulated time, by the Registration System - Full Article Submission https://www.univates.br/sistemas/inscricoes/processo-3264. It is mandatory to format the work according to the standard template and, above all, to use the specific letterhead of this event. Failure to follow these rules will result in non-publication of the paper.

6. Presentation of papers - each presenter will have 20 minutes to present their studies, followed by 10 minutes of questions and answers.

7. Payment - only the authors previously registered at the 5th International Congress on Brand(ing) may submit the full article.

8. The Congress registration fee allows the participant to attend the events as a listener, debater or as a presenter. In the event of presentation of the paper, the participant will be conditioned to the judgment of merit made by the academic committees that select the papers. The author whose work is rejected by the respective committee on the evaluation of scientific merit will not be entitled to the reimbursement of the Congress registration fee, if he/she has already paid it. In this case, the author's participation as a listener or debater in any of the scheduled events is guaranteed, within the limit of the space available in the rooms where the congress activities will take place. IMPORTANT: The registration fee amount vary according to the payment period, therefore check in the "Registration Fee" table the dates and values. Will also be provided the possibility of payment in parcels up to 3x by credit card. If you have any questions, please contact the Organizing Committee at e-mail brandingcongress@gmail.com.

9. Co-Authors - for the submission of co-authored work, the proposing author must inform the name and number of the Individual Taxpayer Registration (CPF, in Brazil) or passport of the other co-authors so that he can add them to the work. The system will only accept the inclusion of author names registered in the event. IMPORTANT: only registered and nominated authors, co-authors, teachers, and advisors will be entitled to the certificate and nomination in the program.

10. Copyright - in case of acceptance of the work for presentation in any of the Congress activities, the author will be formally and graciously granting the International Association of Branding Researchers - Brands Observatory and Univates the right to reproduce in the virtual archives of the 5th International Congress on Brand(ing) and in its Annals (which will be distributed during or after the event), in the BrandTrends Journal, Univates Virtual Library and / or other media.

11. Certificates - In the event of co-authoring, the other author(s) who wish the certificate(s) and nomination in the program, including supervising teacher(s), must be regularly registered at the Congress and be nominated at the time of registration.