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Registration fee

Price in Brazilian Real (BRL)



Passport for groups of up to 9 people**

Passport for groups of more than 10 people**

Single Activities*

Until September 28th 2020

R$ 490,00

R$ 465,50

R$ 441,00

R$ 90,00

* Cost for everyone as presenters or listeners (professionals, teachers and other interested). Students and members of the Brands Observatory receive a 50% discount. Univates graduates and members of supporting institutions will get 10% off. In order to take advantage of discounts, it is mandatory to present updated supporting documents (student or member of institutions) during accreditation.

** Registration by National Register of Legal entity (CNPJ).

Prices in reais. Payment of the registration fee: Payment of the registration fee can be made up to 3 installments on the card, without interest. If you choose bank slip, it will expire up to two days after confirmation of registration.

Congress registration will be accepted up to the limit of the participants' accommodation capacity in the activities. Early registration is recommended, especially for those wishing to submit work.

Upon subscription, the student must inform their registration number of the institution where they study

To receive the congress badge and other materials, the participant must present a document proof of their category:

1) Student - must present valid student ID;
2) Institutional members - proof of timely annuity payment.